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The passion and drive that define Tamika Harris is apparent in everything she does. She has been a fitness instructor, business owner, and exercise coach for more than 10 years.


She’s also a loving mother to a 19 year-old college sophomore and is very active in her community as a volunteer.

Tamika holds a BS in Community Health and Human services, as well as an AAS in Finance Administration. She’s a Human-Services Board Certified Practitioner, Group Exercise, Pilates, Zumba, Tabata Boot camp and Basic Life Support (BS) instructor.

Losing 105 pounds naturally without the aid of any weight loss surgeries, has given Tamika the confidence to feel beautiful about herself.  In 2017, Get Fit with Tamika LLC was created to help and encourage others to accomplish their weight loss, fitness, and wellness goals.



 Get Fit with Tamika’s Vision:

 To Live Life Healthy, Fit & Fabulous

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